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CELN – In line Plenum Box


The CELN is a centrifugal plenum box fan available in 7 sizes and 11 variations. It is designed to carry ambient or high temperature air. It is ideally suited to the ventilation of professional kitchens or commercial premises with medium flow rates and pressures.

General dimensions and commonly used ranges


EN12101-3 certified for operation:

    • 400°C/2h
    • 300°C/2h
    • 200°C/2h


The CELN is made in our factory as standard from pre-galvanised sheet steel for in line connection. Conversion or adaptor parts are available as an option for specific installations. Available drives:

    • AC motor (asynchronous)
    • EC motor (electronic commutation)

For maintenance, the housing has two inspection hatches for easy cleaning. In order to meet your particular needs, we manufacture on request:

    • Stainless steel 304L or 316L
    • Surface treatment with epoxy paint