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AXUS Contra-rotating


Axial fan with rectifier fixed to the discharge to increase static pressure. The casings can be short or long depending on needs, standard length 254 to 1010mm. Our aluminium or steel impellers are driven directly by the motor shaft to deliver the best possible performance.

The B3 motor (foot mounted) is installed in the air stream with a support system for efficient operation. This fan has mounting flanges for easy connection to the air duct system.

In the long casing version, an inspection hatch is integrated in the upper part to enable easy electrical connection of the motor and to facilitate maintenance.

There is an infinite number of operating point selections, please refer to the current usage ranges as well as the dimensional specifications:

Commonly used ranges

General dimensions

For connection, there are many mechanical and electrical ancillaries available:

Related ancillaries

See also the Standards – Rules – Conventions of AREM


EN12101-3 certified for operation:

    • 400°C/2h
    • 300°C/2h
    • 200°C/2h


Our fans are made in our factory from pre-galvanised sheet steel as standard. In order to meet your particular needs, we manufacture on request:

    • Stainless steel 304L or 316L
    • Hot galvanised steel
    • Surface treatment with epoxy paint