AREM - The Ventilation Performance - Depuis plus de 50 ans, AREM - The Ventilation Performance, vous propose une large gamme de ventilateurs, Hélicoïdaux et Centrifuges

G Series


Our range extends from 400mm diameter to 1250mm diameter, from a few hundred m3/h to 140000 m3/h, with 2, 4 and 6 pole motors, 1 or 2 speeds as well as the possibility of use in geographical areas with a specific electrical network, 60 Hz. Other engine speeds are available on request.

Dimensions and commonly used ranges:

GR Series


Air extraction or insufflation:

    • Factory
    • Production workshops
    • Chemical industries
    • Off-shore areas
    • Coastal territories

More generally, industrial establishments open to the public or employees.


Ambient environment:

    • -20°C to +40°C with class F motor

For continuous operation up to 130°C, we can supply class H motors on request.


The fans in this series are made of painted steel.

Depending on size, the fan casing can be reinforced

Fixing holes are available for ease of installation.

On request, stainless steel or polyester coated constructions can be made.

The possible directions are in RD or LG according to your needs in 45° steps.

For more details, please consult our heading: