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VAD – Forward Curved Blades


The VAD is a belt-driven centrifugal fan with forward-facing blades (numerous straight blades facing forwards) with a motor installed outside the airflow. Designed for medium flow environments with low and medium pressures, this product is particularly suitable for smoke extraction in car parks and commercial premises.

General dimensions and commonly used ranges


EN12101-3 certified for operation:

    • 400°C/2h
    • 300°C/2h
    • 200°C/2h


It is made of pre-galvanised sheet steel, the transmission is protected by a crankcase. The single-inlet turbines are statically and dynamically balanced. The bearings are self-aligning, sealed and greased for life up to size 18/9, with grease nipples and mounted on a cast iron support from size 20/10.