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TCV – Centrifugal with V Discharge


TCV roof fan with vertical discharge is a centrifugal fan with backward inclined blades. It is intended to be installed on roofs or terraces to extract stale air. This equipment is ideally suited to the ventilation of industrial premises such as foundries, workshops and warehouses as well as agricultural buildings. Designed to transport clean fluids in high flow rates at medium pressure in extraction. For optimum installation, we recommend the option of connecting these fans with a switch or terminal box.

General dimensions and commonly used ranges


Ambient environment:

    • -20°C à +45°C


The fan is made of pre-galvanised Z275 steel and has a cap and protective grilles also made of the same material.

Available as an option:

    • Epoxy paint
    • Hot-dip galvanising
    • Stainless steel 304L or 316L
    • Proximity switch