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JFC – Centrifugal Jet Fan


The JFC is the AREM thruster designed to work in fire-risk environments. Mainly used in car parks, it enables smoke to be efficiently channelled towards the extractors. The high speed of the air jets improves the evacuation of the smoke and facilitates the intervention of the emergency services. Available with thrusts of 40N to 95N, it adapts to car park sizes from simple to complex. In comfort mode, it is also used to reduce the ppm emission level mainly by cars inside the enclosed area.

JFC Technical data


Certified to EN12101-3, the JFC is available in 3 temperature classes:

    • 400°C/2h
    • 300°C/2h
    • 200°C/2h


The JFC is made of pre-galvanised steel. Thanks to its compact design, it can be installed in car parks with low ceilings for cars to pass under. It has a support system enabling quick installation on a vault or structure intended for this purpose.

Available models:

    • JFC-S: one-way
    • JFC-M: one-way
    • JFC-L: one-way