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DA EC – Wall mounted


The DA EC is an electronically commutated (EC) axial fan. It is designed to extract air at ambient temperature. Easy to install, it is ideally suited to the ventilation of industrial and service industry premises. Its permanent magnet motors with integrated electronic controller enables greater flexibility of use to meet varying needs/

General dimensions


Ambient environment:

    • -20°C à +45°C


Grid frequency 50/60Hz

Voltage 230V/277V

Steering with potentiometer or 0-10V signal

Modbus RS485

Junction box for quick connection


The DA EC is made of pre-galvanised steel, and includes as standard a protective grille mounted on the suction side.

Available in 6 sizes and 11 models, the range covers 250 to 500mm with flow rates up to 13,500m3/h.