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AXUS EC Integrated


Our standard axial solutions with integrated EC motor covers diameters from 400 to 800mm. Depending on the size, maximum motor speeds can be 1500rpm or 3000rpm to achieve flow rates of up to 18000m3/h or static pressures up to 700Pa can be achieved.

Commonly used ranges


Ambient environment:

    • -20°C à +45°C


Grid frequency 50/60Hz

Voltage 230V/277V or 400V/480V depending on the model

Steering via 0-10V signal

Modbus RS485

Junction box for quick connection


Our AXUS EC range is made of pre-galvanised steel in standard construction. Options in 304L or 316L stainless steel, hot dipped galvanised and paint treated are available on request.

The drive (electronic controller) is integrated into the motor forming a compact unit, all working in the same airflow.