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Axial Roof Fan – Ex


The TH (horizontal discharge and TV (vertical discharge) are available from 315 to 1250mm diameter and are ideally suited to your rooftop installation. They enable the extraction of large volumes of fluids without particulate matter.

The manufacturing characteristics of this product are comparable to those of axial fans of the same operating class. For any temperature and/or location in a zone with particular climatic conditions (wind, snow etc.) please consult us. For optimum installation, we recommend the option of connecting these fans with a switch or terminal box.

General dimensions


Ambient environment:

    • -20°C à +45°C


The fan is made of pre-galvanised steel and is assembled with a standard mounting base for installation on an upstand or other equivalent supports.

    • The cap is made of polyester on the TH version
    • The cap is the steel version on the TV version
    • Specific dimensions and holes on request