Introducing our organisation

Arem has been one of the largest French manufacturing organisations, known throughout Europe, for over 30 years. 

AREM is primarily known for its expertise in the manufacture of axial fans. Whether using a belt drive system or direct drive, whether equipped with short or long- or short-format cases, with or without a Venturi, they are all designed in accordance with specifications which are relevant to the numerous applications for which they are intended. In addition to this range of products, one of the most extensive on the market, we offer centrifugal equipment which uses impulse- or reaction-type turbines for use in the industrial or service sectors.

Thanks to the skills of its personnel, its know-how and production resources, AREM are able to offer a bespoke design service in order to find the most appropriate solution to every application, thus offering customers a level of flexibility which provides precise solutions to their technical needs, whether in ventilation or refrigeration.

Reliability, high performance and product quality are as important to AREM as acoustic performance, energy saving, the best cost calculation methods and short delivery lead times.

In 2005, AREM’s desire to provide its customers with continuous quality improvements took expression in the form of ISO 9001-2000 certification, issued by the British Standards Institution (BSI).

We are also active in export markets both in Europe and throughout the rest of the world, thanks to our network of partner organisations.  For further information please contact Nicolas SOULIER at this address:

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