1 – ORDERS: Acceptance of our sales offers includes acceptance of the present general conditions of sale, any statements contrary to the present notwithstanding. Unless stipulated otherwise, or unless there are exceptional economic events, our proposals and quotes are valid for a period of two months after their issue. Our design studies, and documents of any sort remain our property; they may not under any circumstances be the subject of any communication or copied without our written agreement and must be returned immediately upon request. The costs of any design studies are to be entirely the customer’s responsibility, unless stipulated otherwise when they are submitted.


2 – PRICES: Our prices are stated Exclusive of Taxes and state the level of VAT that is currently in force. They may be revised without warning in the event of any significant variation in the cost of materials, salaries or of social and fiscal charges. These prices are intended to be ex-factory, equipment not packaged. Packaging is invoiced at the cost price.


3 – DELIVERIES: Goods are dispatched carriage forward, unless otherwise stipulated, and travel at the addressees risk and peril, unless recourse is made to the transport provider, including dispatches carried out carriage paid. We will not acknowledge any returned goods for which we have not given credit; no claims will be accepted unless they are drawn up within one week following acceptance on delivery of the goods.


4 – CONDITIONS OF PAYMENT: Our invoices are payable in cash, unless agreed, or on usual terms by banker’s draft.

            All sales are regarded as being negotiated and payable at SAINT BRISSON (Loiret) and the Tribunal of ORLEANS alone is competent to rule on any disputes relating to these sales.

            Any amounts remaining unpaid after the due date will be liable in full to a rate of interest equal to three times the legal rate of interest per year.

            In the event of an invoice remaining unpaid when due we reserve the right to increase its amount by 10% with a minimum of 40 Euros without prejudice to the interest due to delayed payments provided for in article 4.

When a purchaser’s credit is diminished, we reserve the right, even after an order is partly dispatched, to request of the purchaser those guarantees that we deem to be suitable in order to properly fulfil the commitments made. Refusal to satisfy this requirement will enable us to cancel all or part of the contract.


5 – TIMESCALES: Delivery timescales are given for indication purposes only. Delays will only give rise to claims for damages and interest in the event this being agreed beforehand. Even in this special case we will be released from any responsibility in the event of force majeure, such as: war, strikes, catastrophe, epidemics etc.


6 – WARRANTIES: Our equipment is guaranteed for six months from the date it is made available, unless stipulated in writing during our tenders. This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement on our premises of those components acknowledged to be defective, unless there has been abnormal use made of the equipment, or damage or accidents due to negligence, failure to monitor or to carry out maintenance, defective installation or any other fault going unnoticed in our inspection.

This guarantee is immediately and completely void if the customer modifies, or has repairs carried out on the equipment supplied without our prior agreement. Repairs, modifications or replacement of parts during the warranty period may have the effect of extending the warranty period for the equipment. We cannot be asked for damages and interest for immobilisation, prejudice or accident under any circumstances, even during this warranty period.

Equipment to be repaired must be sent carriage paid to our address and will only be repaired if agreed upon beforehand.


7– SPARE PARTS AND ACCESSORIES: These will be supplied on demand as far as availability allows. In order to cover administrative charges, the minimum for any invoice issued by us is set at 60 Euros excluding taxes. Where appropriate we will supply a sufficient number of components to ensure that the total amount charged is as close as possible to this minimum figure.


8 – RETENTION OF OWNERSHIP: The seller retains ownership of all goods until payment is complete, in accordance with law no. 85.98 of 35.01.85. The risks involved are the purchaser’s responsibility. Down payments may be retained in order to cover any losses on resale