During the last fiscal year (2007/08), we achieved a turnover up to 12900 KE. Every year we approximately sell 20.000 axial fans and 5.000 centrifugal fans.

To consolidate this position and to ensure the future development of our business, we need to obtain a high level of operating profit. The current  trade operating profit has been higher than 15%. Achieving that profit level makes both our customers and suppliers confident in a strong relationship and focused on higher performances. 

Our main export deliveries are made both directly or through our customers to many countries including : Portugal, Poland, Belgium, Morocco, Canada, the Nederland, Switzerland , UK and Saudi Arabia, name but a few. Our direct export turnover represents 15% of our total turnover.

We have 38 permanent staff, 23 of whom are involved in the production process.  Three peoples are in charge of quality, methods, drawing and after-sales services. Our technical and commercial staff is made up of 8 members.

Our fast deliveries are based on our large stock, of motors (standard, flame -proof, high or low temperatures, 1 or 2-speeds from 0.37 KW to 45 KW …) sheet metal, impellers, blades and hubs. Our average stock represents more than 3 months consumption in order to meet the standard needs of our customers.

Our on-date delivery rate is now very close to 98% and we are still improving our performances both through our information system and ongoing co-operation with our partners.

We currently work with more than 450 customers and 100 usual suppliers.