Our premises are situated on a large site in the countryside close to motorways and 2 hours from Charge de Gaulles airport, thus enabling us to deliver everywhere in the world very quickly.
We have more than 6.000 sqm of premises at our disposal for production, storage and offices.

2.000 sqm are still available for future development ; our involvement   and commitment to the local community have creted strong links with the local authorities, our mayor is always ready to assist us.

A large production capacity comprising permanently updated punching, rolling, flanging, wellding , balancing or sawing machinery, we also use lathes and various type of toolings for machining hub, blade  and aluminium casing.

On a daily basis we are able to use the group laboratory to test fans performances for noise, airflow and pressure. The group facilities are constantly available to us for specific metal requirements or assembly.

Our partner’s facilities also enable us to test prototypes ( produced in 3 D ) which gives us an excellent turn round time in product development.

We use different type of software to help us find the best solution for your air treatment problem. Our technical and commercial team has the experience and skill to adapt the mechanical possibilities and the impellers   performances to your requirement.