ERP 2013/2015 Regulation

Matching with the regulation requirements, for our whole ranges, the compliance has been checked at the highest efficiency level which can be a working point or a running zone.

As we do not implement ourselves the fans, we cannot manage the different inlet or outlet pipe possibilities. So, in order to give our customers quick and reliable information, we choose to use the typical following working position:

- Axial fan with both free inlet and outlet

- Centrifugal fans (both backward or forward wheels…) with piped inlet and outlet.

The efficiency rates that we show come from: our motor suppliers and aerolic test driven in test areas owned by our partners.


Due to special working conditions, (low or high temperatures, aggressive gas flow ...), the following product will not be concerned by that regulation (nor in 2013 and 2015):

- Flame proof atmosphere (ATEX)

- Carried gas temperatures greater than 100°C

- Carried gas temperatures lower than -40°C

- Motor working out of the gas flow but at a higher temperature than 65°C

- Toxic, inflammable or corrosive carried gas.

Motor Efficiency Improvment

From the mid of June 2011, the European Regulation 2005/32/CE will be applicable and you will be concerned as long as:

Your installations will need motors matching with the following issues :

1) Installed Power from 0.75 to 375.00 KW

2) Single speed - (2, 4 or 6 Poles).

3) Mainstream connection

               4) Working into a air temperature between -15 °C and + 40°C

Motors used into EN12101-3 application up to 400 ° C as long as they are Dual Purpose usage (usual ventilation plus high temp usage) might be compliant with that regulation.

Currently, the following motor ranges are not concerned : ATEX motors, motors which do not match with the 1-2-3-4 categories. Smoke exhaust motors only S2 usage running.

If you need more details, do no hesitate to contact us.